How to create Good Videos?

March 13, 2019

Creating a video can potentially be the difference maker in a make or break situation. Videos have the ability to transfer plenty of content to its viewers in a short amount of time, which is something text can’t. Every project should have a video of their project, and it should be done well. There are several keys to making a compelling and interesting video for your project and they certainly should not be overlooked.

Human psychology plays a huge role in the making of the video. On average, humans have an attention span of 8 seconds, down from 12 seconds in year 2000 (Watson, 2015). This makes it an extremely small window to grab your viewers’ attention. Create attention grabbing headlines and emotionally striking visuals so that viewers’ will be curious to find out more, and feel an instant connection to the project respectively.

Videos are easier and faster for viewers to digest. Research has shown that people process visual content 60,000 times faster than text (Reiner, 2013). Thus, it is a no-brainer when it comes to deciding if a video is going to be produced for a project. However, this does mean that if the video is bad, viewers are also much faster to realise it and point that out and your project will go downhill very quickly. On the flip side, if the video is extraordinary, viewers will quickly hop on the bandwagon and this will result in an upward trend for your project.

Storytelling is a valuable aspect of the video. Being able to convey a story in a chronological order allows viewers to paint a picture of the entire project and allows them to follow the concept of the project. That is crucial as viewers who can’t connect and follow the project will not be interested in it.

Integrated with the storytelling is a clear and concise explanation and demonstration of what the project is about. This will allow viewers to understand the reason behind the project and how it is impacting the world. This is a play on the emotions of humans and they will feel that by investing in the project, they are making a difference in the world.

Example: Sensibo project on Indiegogo

Finally, you should end off with a call for action. This call for action will bring the viewer into your project. Asking them to do something about it after watching the video is an excellent way to bring in investors because the story that they have watched is still fresh on their minds. This increases the chances of them actually committing to the project.

Having a video is an important aspect of a project if you are looking for investors and it should never be overlooked. However, the video must be done well or the intended impact will not be there and it will serve no purpose except adding cost to the overall project expense. The worst case scenario will be if the video garners negative feedback. Of course this is undesirable, therefore producing a quality video should be the top priority for companies who are looking at crowdfunding.


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