Happy Battery Day, Would the rise of EV Car be the new opportunity or threat for the used car market?

Sept. 22, 2020

    Happy Battery Day ! The alternative fuel vehicle intervention in the petroleum fuel vehicle market that becomes a current global trend, especially Europe and the United States. Many people believe that there is a chance for new industrial revolution from the growth of Tesla stock that continued climb for 10 times within 1 year. This incredible growth from Tesla is beyond Toyota, the biggest car manufacturer in the world. For Thailand, The alternative fuel vehicle car still has limited such as the traveling, the number of charging stations, and the cost of maintenances. However, the government tax policy for EV manufacturing to promote this market has a positive tendency.

Rise of Tesla’s stock price

    To solve these limitations of Electric vehicle, Tesla has launched a new battery called “million-mile battery” on Tesla Battery Day. Palo Alto expected this battery to have 45 years lifetime and the cost lower than 100 U.S. dollars. Tesla also builds manufacturing in Shanghai, China which is the 1stmanufacturing outside the United State. These introduce the lower-cost, longer-lasting battery, and higher productivity, so Thai people may reach the electric vehicle easier in the future. The analytics from SCB economic intelligence center shows the total number of electric vehicle globally has reached 5 million or 0.4% of the total car in the world. In 2036, the number of electric cars in Thailand expected to reach 1.2 million cars with 690 charging stations. The increase in the number of electric vehicles will affect the demand for petroleum in Thailand. As a result, Thai petroleum companies try to adjust and find the opportunity in alternative fuel such as installing an EV charging station.

New Battery of Tesla

    The popularity of electric cars has intervened in the car market in Thailand leads to a lower price and demand for fuel cars in the future. As the current economic situation and COVID-19, This intervention is not only a threat in the car market but also the opportunity for a used car. The second car market becomes the alternatives for the buyer who looks for a car due to the lower price and concern of health from using public transportation. This is the opportunity for a car platform to generate revenue and exchange cars in the system.

    JustCar, the leader of the full-fledged used car services in Thailand, wants to solve the problem of buyers and sellers of a used car by improving the standard of used car service and having both offline and online service for the clients to respond the higher demand of used car in the future. JustCar is now open for share offering via Sinwattana Crowdfunding platform for the investors who interest in equity crowdfunding. For more information https://equity.sinwattana.com or join the roadshow to get information directly from JustCar. https://www.eventpop.me/e/9576/justcar 

Just Car equity deal official launch on Sinwattana Equity Platform

    We looking forward to your participation from all investors who foresee the potential in this business and hope to see you all soon.