From the success of fund raising through private shares to the purpose to push Thai Startups and SMEs forward to the success with the Equity Crowdfunding

Sept. 16, 2020


    Sinwattana Crowdfunding as the market leader of Equity Crowdfunding in Thailand with the purpose to bring new experiences for Thai investors. We believe in our vision and mission to be a platform that connects Thai businesses with the Asian and global markets. We aim to drive the potential for all Thai businesses and 'Never Let Funding be Your Showstopper'.

    Sinwattana Crowdfunding is the first qualified Equity Crowdfunding platform in Thailand which got the equity license from SEC. This is the first equity crowdfunding platform that successfully raised the fund for 2 deals. Our first successful deal, Harrison Butcher, the steakhouse under the professional butcher, can successfully raise 18.6 million baht from 77 investors within 2 months to expand branches and improve management quality. The second successful deal is WEALTHI, the mobile application that issues the PICO financing to individuals. WEALTHI provides credit access for unbanked people and aims to empower the low income and gain financial stability for them. This deal is officially raised 11.7 million baht to be a one-stop financial service application for Thai people.

    These achievements can represent the growth of the Thai business, especially Fintech. It is correlated with the era of technological advancement that makes our life more convenient and productive.

    In this quarter, Sinwattana Crowdfunding is ready to support Thai SMEs as an alternative investment to deliver the value to the society. With the strength of Sinwattana, We want to respond to the potential of Thai business but lack of financial support. Our first offer is the smart solution for Thai hospital, Mutrack, currently raising fund for 14.08 million baht via Sinwattana Crowdfunding platform. This technology helps the hospital to keep track of people, collect usage information, and analyze the performance in one place by using smart technology such as RFID, RTLD, and IoT. Mutrack wants to enhance the potential of the Thai medical system and expand the connection through the partners.

    From the offline service to a digital platform, a One-stop service platform for matching buyers and sellers of the used car, JustCar, will open to raise funds on 17 September 2020 with the total amount of 22 million baht for 60 days. JustCar aims to create a new standard for the used car market and deliver the highest benefit to customers.

    Let's be a part of equity crowdfunding to drive the potential of Thai SMEs and startups. To get more information, Sinwattana would like to invite you as the investor who interested in equity crowdfunding and high tech business to join roadshow from Mutrack and JustCar on or directly contact via line : @sinwattanacf