SIAM NamNueng Equity Crowdfunding, The Value Investment

Feb. 7, 2020

Equity Crowdfunding is the new way of investment in Thailand for investors that looking for potential securities of private companies that have interest return and growth because most of them are not have good and long enough track record and cannot handled the cost of normal public offering way, so they’re not ready for getting IPO yet. So, this equity crowdfunding can call Pre-IPO investment, the chance for businesses that want to expand and making them ready for the next step of business funding like M&A or getting real IPO.

Especially the power of equity crowdfunding is not only about valuation of return but it’s the relationship between investors and business owner to creating one community on each deal and all of communities will link together by platform to create the big investors network and continuously growing in long term.

Through those private companies Sinwattana, the first equity crowdfunding platform that have success equity crowdfunded deal in Thailand firstly motivates to handholding and moving forward with SMEs because they are lifeblood of Thailand economy. Thailand has an estimated 3 million SMEs, making up 99.7% of Thai Businesses, 85.47% of employment and generating 43% of the country’s GDP. Importantly they are mostly not attracting the venture capital or corporate venture capital because of their size and unrelated business way. Finally, this growth of SMEs will impact to overall development of Thailand economic and make better living of people that relating.

Siam Namnueng, the vietnamese family restaurant is the one of those SMEs that have good mindset of business doing. The restaurant are family owned and operated by Thumma-Ros-Decha family that have over 20 years of experience in the restaurant and catering business. Their restaurant is firstly focus on sustainability of all stakeholders. For their suppliers they always have the fair benefit return and make all operating process between them most easy-going. For their employee they are not consider them as the business tool but as the one of their family and hearty teaching all of service process and mind. For their customer they choose the best quality ingredients to serving on their dish with reasonable prices and concern for every customer with the best service such as specialty selections offering including the lighter options and the smaller portions for children and elderly. Also, for their future shareholders they welcome your cooperating, gladly receive all of opinions to make our restaurant better and give them the discount up to 15%.

Currently Siam Namneung and Sinwattana have the campaign call “LOVE is in the Air” for investors that want to give something to their loved one. Instead of the roses that give short time impression, they could give this investment that can make both long term benefit and the wish meaning of healthiness and wealthiness. We have the roadshow about “The key concepts and the love for business doing” and “Why they select equity crowdfunding instead of other investment” on Tue, February 11st 15.00-17.00pm at SIAM Namneung restaurant, Central Eastville for creating reliability, the most important factor that have to considerate before coming to be one of our shareholder.

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SIAM NamNueng Deal Information

Fund Amount
18,000,000 THB
Type of stock
Common stock
Number of common stocks
600,000 stocks 
Price of stock
30 THB
Divided Return
60% of Net profit