What is “ECF” Equity Crowdfunding in Thailand?


Sinwattana as Portal

Sinwattana ECF portal has undergone stringent verifications to attain the license to operate in Thailand. Our alignment to serve the issuers demand clarity and disclosure in order to support their path to success. Our commitment requires us to do thorough qualifications of the deal flows but investment decision and risk is the decision of all investors.


Sinwattana focuses on 8 categories to drive business for Equity Crowdfunding.

1. Biotechnology

2. Climate Assets

3. Communication Information

4. Cultural Heritage

5. Health & Wellness

6. Manufacturing

7. Natural Science

8. Science Technology

For other categories, please contact us sindeal@sinwattana.com

How it works

1. Create

Become an Issuer by registering your company and deal on Sinwattana. You have to provide all information accurately in reference to our curation process. Sinwattana will proceed with stringent due diligence.




2. Process

Shortlisted deals will require the issuer to formally sign a service agreement with Sinwattana and pay appointment fee within 2 days. Sinwattana will curate, validate and valuate the deal size and authenticity of deal flow by establishing term sheet for investors.

3. Publish

On qualification of shortlisted deal, the deal will be publish online for investors to invest on Sinwattana for a maximum of 90 days.




4. Invest

Become an Investor on Sinwattana. You have to fill up all required documents to verify your identity as an investor for each types*. Sinwattana will verify and notify you via email within 2-7 business days. Investors need to understand and be aware about the risks of investing. After that, you can discover and reserve deals that you want and pay via bill payment** within 1 days.

* Investor types include Retail and Non-Retail Investor. Retail investor has to do knowledge test to understand risk of investment before investing wisely.
** Investor have to purchase 20 baht for transaction fee of bill payment.

5. Success

On successfully being crowdfunded, issuers are required to complete all documentations guided by Sinwattana in accordance to Securities Exchange Commission of Thailand regulations. New shares certificates will be issued to investors (new shareholders) and declaration is compulsory to respective authority. Issuers are to provide quarterly report to end of three years to investors.

* If deal is unsuccessful, we will proceed to return money back to investors within 7 days.



Why Equity Crowdfunding?



An alternative way to raise funds

Brand loyalty

Get feedback from crowd



Brand Ambassador

Grow with company

Return of Investment