What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Sinwattana as Portal

Sinwattana is willing to be a portal between the issuer and investor. We recognize that Equity Crowdfunding is valuable for raising funds and that " Funding should never be a showstopper"


Sinwattana focuses on 5 categories to drive business for Equity Crowdfunding.

1. Manufacturing industry

2. Science

3. Health & Wellness

4. Technology

5. Biotechnology

For other categories, please contact us sindeal@sinwattana.com

How it works

1. Create

Become an Issuer by registering your company and deal on Sinwattana. You have to fill all documents and information correctly and also accept our terms and policy. Sinwattana will proceed with basic due diligence.



2. Verify

Issuers who have noticeable deals have to sign a contract with Sinwattana and pay management fee* of funding goal within 5 days. Sinwattana will verify by curation, validation and valuation to make sure that deals are proper, correct and interesting for investors. We will help to promote and create road show events for the deals to find investors who are interested.

* Management fee
3% for less than USD1 milion
5% for more than USD1 milion

3. Publish

After the road show events, if investors are interested and commit more than 40% of the funding goal, your deal will be published on Sinwattana for a maximum of 90 days.



4. Invest

Become an Investor on Sinwattana. You have to fill up all required documents to verify your identity as an investor for each types*. Sinwattana will verify and notify you via email within 2 days. Investors need to understand and be aware about the risks of investing. After that, you can discover and reserve deals that you want and pay via the escrow agent within 2 days.

* Investor types include Retail and Non-Retail Investor. Retail investor has to do knowledge test to understand risk of investment before investing wisely.

5. Succeed

When deal succeeds, the next process is increasing capital and share certificate. Sinwattana will approve escrow agent to transfer money to the issuer by deducting fees* of funding goal which are 5% for the platform fee, 1.8% for escrow agent fee and 300 Baht for reporting fee of capital increment letter. Issuer has to constantly update their deal's progress through a quarterly report.

* Not included registar fee.
** If deal is unsuccessful, we will proceed to return money back to investors within 2 days.


Why is Equity Crowdfunding?


An alternative way to raise funds

Get feedback from crowd

Brand loyalty


Grow with company

Opportunity to get dividend

Secure money