Gather steps, essentials to know more about Equity Crowdfunding for issuers and investors.


Gather steps, essentials to know more about Equity Crowdfunding for issuers and investors.

How to be Issuer

Steps for issuer to raise funds

Basic criteria for company raising fund which a company has to be: Limited or Non-Listed company was registered by Thai laws Run the business for 2-3 years Clear the goal and business plan till Exit Strategy with the following steps If your company information or documents are not ready, please feel free to request a consultation basically via Tel : (+66)2-233-3723 or Messenger

1. Raise Fund with Sinwattana Equity Crowdfunding

Learn about Equity Crowdfunding basically or interested to raise fund through Sinwattana Platform

Please contact us to request a consultation basically and have meeting appointment via Tel : (+66)2-233-3723 or Messenger

2. Meeting
Takes 1-2 weeks to process

This is a meeting between issuer and Sinwattana to discuss and understand about how Equity Crowdfunding works and getting to know the issuer’s business also the purpose of the securities offering.

In the preliminary qualification, the issuer must hand over the Non Disclosuer Agreement (NDA) to Sinwattana. Then submit important documents such as Business Plan, Audited Financial Report, Financial Projection, and others to Sinwattana to do a preliminary verification (Curation).

3. Curation
Takes 1-2 weeks to process

Verify received company information and documents such as Founder, Registered Company Information, Company’s Authorized Capital, Business Plan and etc. to define how possible to raise fund from investors.

Issuer has to sign the contract document with Sinwattana and pay appointment fee* within 7 days after send the Contract document.

* Apppointment Fee is Sinwattana’s service to validate and valuate company give suggestions and feedback as mentor and help issuer to prepare and plan to do marketing and roadshow to achieve success deal.

4. Management Process
Takes 1-2 weeks to process

Sinwattana will validate and valuate the deal size and authenticity of deal flow by Sinwattana’s specialists to display on the platform for investors and establish the term sheet for investors on the platform.

The shortlisted deal is interest of subscribing securities from investors, safekeeper agreement require issuer to open safekeeper account with 50,000 Baht for service fee.

* Excluding VAT 7%

5. Create a company profile
Take time just 10 minutes to provide all information in case if the information and documents are ready and complete

Become an Issuer by registering your company and deal on Sinwattana platform. You have to provide all information accurately such as company information, back account, partner, team members, awards, financial information and etc. to display on the platform.
Issuers are to provide detail contents:

1. Copy of bank book image
2. Bank account no.
3. Bank account name

* Issuers who is using a Kasikorn account will be exempt from fees. For other bank accounts, fees will be charged according to the bank’s policy.
The documentations accuracy for curation is part of the vital assessment.

1. Authorised Letter from issuer’s legitimate shareholders stated under DBD.
2. A detailed business plan
3. A business canvas model chart Example
4. Audited Financial Report for latest 3 years
5. Annual General Meeting
6. A valid copy of registration certificate of company
Above information is a start to a great journey for your funding expansion plan.

To have clarity on deal offerings, it is highly recommended to issuer to provide a short 3 minutes video clips of the company’s business and story for this fund raising. Issuer are to provide detail content as well stay connected to response to investors queries on comment page.
In accordance with the compliance of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Issuer have to do Self-Declaration about previous funding from others funding portal.

To ensure that the total value offering amount in each company to retail investors shall not exceed 20 million Baht during the period of 12 months as from the first offer and not exceed 40 million Baht as from the first date of the first offering through crowdfunding portal.

6. Pre-Launch Roadshow
30-60 days

Private Session is to meet issuer or business owner for investors or individual who is interested to invest to listen issuer’s intention to expand their business such as goal, mission, vision, the team, company culture, business plan and marketing plan for the future and has Q&A to ask any questions. The session is to increase confidence for investment. Issuer will receive the real feedback and suggestions

Joined Investors are able to reserve the deal before anyone else.

For Pre-Launch, Sinwattana is recommended to make investors to be interested the deal greater than 70% to make sure that the deal can be attracted to invest.

Otherwise, the deal quite has risk to be unsuccessfully

7. Publish on Platform
30-60 days

Publishing deal officially for investors to reserve the deal through the platform. The deal was raised fund from investors 100% otherwise issuers will not receive the fund or called ‘All or Nothing’

Issuer has to do marketing to approach investors to invest the deal as far as possible

If the deal was raised fund 100% completely before close deal date, issuer can be close the deal immediately which is called ‘Cooling Period’

Service Fee


Appointment Fee

300,000 Baht
Appointment fee will be invoiced on Sinwattana acceptance to raise fund on our portal. Issuer has to pay appointment fee within 7 days.

Success Fee

3% - 8%
For deal is successful only, Sinwattana will approve safe keeper to transfer money to issuer by deduction success fee 3% to 8% of the fundraising target.

What are the critical steps issuers must take to account for fund raising being fully success


1. On successful fund raised

Sinwattana will generate a fundraising summary report with respective shareholders information to issuer.

2. Share Certificate

Issuers must issue a share certificate to all investors who subscribe to the deal before doing a capital increment process. Regarding the issuing of share certificate, Sinwattana has appointed Kasikorn Bank as the registrar to provide convenience to issuers and ensure that the share certificates are properly issued.

3. Transfer Money to Issuer

The next process after issuing share certificates is to transfer the funds to the issuer. Prior to transferring the funds to issuers, the safekeeper will deduct 1.8% of the fund or not more than 300,000 Baht for safekeeper payment fee. For the platform fee, the safe keeper will deduct 3% - 8% of the fund and transfer it to Sinwattana. After that, the money will be transferred to the issuer within 1-2 business days.

4. Increase Capital DBD

Issuer has to make an announcement of capital increase on newspaper column for 14 days and proceed to increase their capital at Department of Business Development (DBD) .
* Capital increase registration may have additional expenses on top of fees on our funding portal. Issuers must be responsible for such expenses themselves.

5. Issuer Has to Keep Updating Deal

After the offering for sale of securities have ended, issuers are responsible for the updating of information to the investors quarterly. The updated information should include the company’s performance and the report of how the budget that was raised on Sinwattana Equity Crowdfunding platform were allocated.
* If deal is unsuccessful, Sinwattana will proceed return money back to investors within 7 days
Lastest update: December 1 , 2020
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