How to be Issuer

Steps Issuers must take to raise funds

1. Register on the platform

Sign up as an issuer on our platform by registering and filling in all personal details. All the information provided are subject to verification for accuracy and confirmation of identity.

Issuers will be held responsible for all information and/or pictures that are provided to the platform.

2. Create a company profile

Every requested information are not only aligned to SEC requirement. Some information, we request it because we need that information to complete our process.

Issuer must have Kasikorn’s bank account for transfering money when deal is success and fill information about bank account as:

1. Copy of bank book image

2. Bank account No.

3. Bank Account name

The documentations accuracy for curation is part of the vital assessment.

1. Authorised Letter from issuer’s legitimate shareholders stated under DBD.

2. A detailed business plan

3. A business canvas model chart Example

4. Audited Financial Report for last 3 years

5. Annual General Meeting

6. A valid copy of registration certificate of company

Above information is a start to a great journey for your funding expansion plan.

To have clarity on deal offerings, it is highly recommended to issuer to provide a short 3 minutes video clips of the company’s business and story for this fund raising. Issuer are to provide detail content as well stay connected to response to investors queries on comment page.

3. Make an Equity CrowdFunding Offering

By this time, deals offerings and terms would have been shared to interested investors for the consideration to invest.

In accordance with the compliance of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Issuer have to do self-declaration about previous funding from others funding portal.

4. Data Validation and Pre-Launch

We will verify and manage your fundraising details according to the Management Process.

All data validation and valuation of deal would have been cleared and aligned by issuers to investors. If any negotiations on better deal offerings - this possibly to be communicated with issuers all funding are to be done online.

The shortlisted deal is interest of subscribing securities from investors, safekeeper agreement require issuer to open safekeeper account with 50,000 baht for service fee.

5. Approved & Curated Deal gets to PUBLISH on the platform

The stringent request for all documentations and supported information undergo validation and valuation. Issuers may have to present to investors on closed door basis before deal can be considered on the platform.

On thorough review and some level of acknowledgement by investors and comment, deal will be published on agreed date with details of offerings to start the fund raising process on stated durations* reflected on platform.

* Durations: refers to a variance period of 30days / 60days / 90days maximum

Service Fee



Appointment Fee

Appointment fee will be invoiced on Sinwattana acceptance to raise fund on our portal. Issuer has to pay appointment fee within 2 days.


Success Fee

For deal is successful only, Sinwattana will approve safe keeper to transfer money to issuer by deduction success fee 7% to 12% of the fundraising target.

What are the critical steps issuers must take to account for fund raising being fully success

1. On successful fund raised

Sinwattana will coordinate the process with Safekeeper (Kasikorn Bank) will issue a letter for capital increment with respective shareholders information to issuer

2. Increase Capital DBD

On receipt of letter issued by Safekeeper, issuer has to make an announcement of capital increase on newspaper column for 14 days and proceed to increase their capital at Department of Business Development (DBD).

* Capital increase registration may have additional expenses on top of fees on our funding portal. Issuers must be responsible for such expenses themselves.

2. Share Certificate

Issuers must issue a share certificate to all investors who subscribe to the deal after a capital increment process is done. Regarding the issuing of share certificate, Sinwattana has appointed Kasikorn Bank as the registrar to provide convenience to issuers and ensure that the share certificates are properly issued.

3. Transfer Money to Issuer

The next process after increasing capital at DBD and issuing share certificates is to transfer the funds to the issuer. Prior to transferring the funds to issuers, the safekeeper will deduct 1.8% of the fund or not more than 300,000 baht for safekeeper payment fee and 300 baht for capital increment letter. For the platform fee, the safekeeper will deduct 7% - 12% of the fund and transfer it to Sinwattana. After that, the money will be transferred to the issuer within 1-2 business days.

4. Issuer Has to Keep Updating Deal

After the offering for sale of securities have ended, issuers are responsible for the updating of information to the investors quarterly. The updated information should include the company's performance and the report of how the budget that was raised on Sinwattana Equity Crowdfunding platform were allocated.

* If deal is not success, Sinwattana will proceed return money back to investors within 7 days