How to be Investor

Investment Steps for the Investors

1. Register on the platform

Sign up as an investor on our platform by registering and filling in all personal details. All the information provided are subject to verification for accuracy and confirmation of identity.

Investors will be held responsible for all information and/or pictures that are provided to the platform.

2. Apply to become an investor

Investor types will then be segregated according to the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand.

Select the Become an investor menu and provide the details of copied and number of the document only one follow investor types to apply.

1. Citizen ID by attaching your selfie image with Citizen ID card which the face and ID card must be cleared.

2. Passport ID

3. Company Registration No.

Investor must have Kasikorn’s Bank account for refund money from withdrawal.

1. Copy of Kasikorn’s book image

2. Bank Account No.

3. Bank Account Name

For Non-Retail Investor must complete the attached certificate files to verify their identity as there are different characteristics and investment regulations for each type of investor.

To apply as a Retail Investor, the knowledge test must be completed. Information on the test can be found in the knowledge page.

3. Inspection and approval

We will review all the information you have provided on the platform to ensure they are valid.

Once approved, Investors will be notified via email within 2-7 working days.

4. Invest through Sinwattana

After approval, you are now allowed to invest in the wide variety of businesses that can be found on our platform.

When you reserved deal, you have to print an invoice and pay as bill payment at KBank counter only and the duration is within 1 days. Otherwise, the reservation is cancelled automatically.

Do note that the amount that investors can invest will be based on the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand.

Retail Investor has to declare about funding in other portals within 1 years as self-declaration before invest.

Investors are able to withdraw reservation anytime if you want to, but you cannot withdraw in 48 hours of Cooling Period. we will return your money back within 2 days.

If deal is not success, Sinwattana will proceed return money back to investors within 7 days.

Investor Types

Retail Investor

These investors can invest up to 50,000 Baht per company and 500,000 Baht per year in all businesses combined.

Additionally, Retail Investors must pass the knowledge test for them to be considered ready to invest.

Non-Retail Investor

These investors do not have a limit on the amount they can invest and will fall into one of the following 4 categories:

1. Institutional Investor

KorJor. 4/2560 Re: Determination of Definitions of Institutional Investors, Special High Net Worth Investors, and High Net Worth Investors.

(1) Bank of Thailand;

(2) Commercial Bank;

(3) Bank established under specific law;

(4) Finance company;

(5) Credit foncier;

(6) Securities company;

(7) Non-life insurance company;

(8) Life insurance company;

(9) Mutual fund;

(10) Private Fund managed by Securities company for investment of investor under (1) to (9) or (11) to (25)

(11) Provident Fund

(12) Government Pension Fund

(13) Social Security Fund

(14) National Saving Fund

(15) Financial Institution Development Fund

(16) Derivatives business operator under the law on derivatives Act

(17) Future business operator under the law on concerning agricultural futures trading

(18) International Financial Institution

(19) Deposit Protection Agency

(20) Stock Exchange of Thailand

(21) Juristic person in the category of statutory corporation

(22) Juristic person whose shares are held by person under (1) to (21), in aggregate exceeding seventy five percent of all shares with voting rights

(23) Foreign investor having similar characteristics to person under (1) to (22)

(24) Fund Manager or derivatives fund manager under the Notification of the Office of the Capital Market Commission concerning rules for personnel in Capital Markets Business

(25) Any other investors as specified by the SEC Office

2. Private Equity Trust

KorRor. 7/2557 Re: Determination regarding Types of Transaction in the Capital Market Allowed to Use Form of Trust (No.2)

Having been established with the purpose of joint investment by two or more partners which are only institutional investor or high net worth investor. In this regard, such establishment shall not be the manner of private trust / Having assigned any person to manage portfolio of the firm.

3. Venture Capital

KorNor. 22/2545 Re: Rules, Conditions and Methods of Investment Management Companies established under Thai law that have the main purpose of venture capital business.

4. Qualified Investor

SorJor. 70/2558 Re: Determination of Definition of Qualified Investor

(1) Electronic Provider Supporting Fundraising

(2) Ordinary person who has invested in stocks directly for at least one year and possess either of the following characteristics:

(a) Having the net asset value of at least fifty million Baht, excluding real estate used as permanent residence of such person;

(b) Having an annual income of at least four million Baht.

In this regard, the calculation of the assets or income under (a) and (b) may include the assets or income of the spouse.

(3) Executive shall be a person who has knowledge and expertise in business operation, investment, has assessed the value of business operator or has given advice for business development for at least three years such as financial advisor, analyst, business incubator, director or executive responsible for investment of institutional investors or business executive, etc. Having at least five million baht invested directly in stocks.

Possibility of Successful Deal

Companies that offer securities have a high risk of unsuccessful in their businesses since the company is small and in the initial stage and the failure rate is quite high. So, companies that want to raise funds need to have knowledge and experience as well. In the business plan, an analyst provides an opinion on the feasibility of the plan, whether it is a marketing plan, a management plan, a human resource plan, a production plan, a financial plan and emergency plan because of the possibility for each plan, the plan relies on different probability assessments. In order for investors and appraisers to be confident that their investment in the issuer company is not wasted.

* If deal is not success, Sinwattana will proceed return money back to investors within 7 days

What will happen when deal success?

1. Receive share certificate from Issuer

After a deal is successful, issuer will issue a share certificate to all investors who subscribe to the deal after a capital increment process is done. Investors should follow up to the updating from issuer, when investor receive a share certificate, they must review all information in the share certificate to ensure all information are correct.

2. Follow up information and news

Investors can keep track of any information or news on a quarterly basis through the website. The information will be updated to the investors which are company performance, financial statements, and financial plans of the company.