Gather steps, essentials to know more about Equity Crowdfunding for issuers and investors.


Gather steps, essentials to know more about Equity Crowdfunding for issuers and investors.

About Issuer

How to prepare for equity crowdfunding with Sinwattana ?

Register on Sinwattana platform
The documentations accuracy for curation is part of the vital assessment.
1. Authorised Letter from issuer’s legitimate shareholders stated under DBD.
2. A detailed business plan
3. A business canvas model chart
4. Audited Financial Report for last 3 years
5. Annual General Meeting
6. A valid copy of registration certificate of company Issuer must have Kasikorn’s bank account for transfering money when deal is success and fill information about bank account as:
1. Copy of bank book image
2. Bank account No.
3. Bank Account name Preparing for business plan to promote roadshow
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What are the criteria for fundraising?

An issuer must be a company incorporated under Thai law, run business for 2-3 years,and must intend to use the proceed of newly-issued shares and debentures to fund the company’s operations.

What is the roadshow?

Roadshow is a channel where the investors and issuers can directly meet and get information such as marketing plan, business plan and the vision of the company to build confidence the investors.

Why we have to make a video?

Videos are one of the best ways to capture your audience’s attention in the short time.

What are the service expenses for the issuer?

There are 2 type of expenses
1. Management expenses after signed the contract
- Appointment fee 300,000
- Safe Keeper set up fee 50,000
2.Platform service fee after the equity crowdfunding successfully raised 1.8% (not exceed 300,000) subtract from total funded amount

9 Types of business that Sinwattana focus on

1. Biotechnology
2. Agricultural Technology
3. Climate Assets
4. Communication Information
5. Cultural Heritage
6. Health & Wellness
7. Manufacturing
8. Natural Science
9. Science Technology
If your business is not in the list,you can contact

After the fund successfully raised

The issuer has to issue share certificate to the investors ,and follow up information and news through Sinwattana website.

How to successfully raise the fund ?

1. Set the goal and business plan.
2. Create marketing plan
3. Create an interesting video
4. Ensure the investors

Self-Declaration for issuer

In accordance with the compliance of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Issuer have to do self-declaration about previous funding from others funding portal which cannot exceed 20 million baht in the first year for retail investor and the total amount not exceed 40 million baht including corporate bond and stocks.

Can fundraising close before the due date ?

The issuer can close the fundraising before the due date if the fundraising can reach the total amount or extended the due date for 5 days before