Gather steps, essentials to know more about Equity Crowdfunding for issuers and investors.


Gather steps, essentials to know more about Equity Crowdfunding for issuers and investors.

About Crowdfunding

About Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is the term generally use for the person or company raising fund from the large group of people(Crowd) to make the project success.

What is Equity Crowdfunding ?

Equity Crowdfunding is fundraising in term of investment from the large number of investors in exchange for the equity in that company. Returns and equity depends on the condition of the company.

Who is Sinwattana ?

Sinwattana is trusted Crowdfunding platform in Thailand. Our platform offers various option to serve market demand via use of Donation, Equity and Debt security. Get to know more about Sinwattana

Why Sinwattana Equity Crowdfunding

Sinwattana is the crowdfunding portal operators approved by the SEC. We support potential of Thai SMEs to take part in the international economies , also we successfully raised the first equity crowdfunding in Thailand.

What does safekeeper do ?

Safekeeper or Escrow Agent serves as middleman to hold the assets or funds before they transfering the funds to issuers. Sinwattana has appointed Kasikorn Bank as the safekeeper to ensure the reliable and continuous monitoring of the money of clients

How to register in Sinwattana platform ?

1. Create an account by filling email,username and password.
2. Activate your email.
3. Fill your personal details. All the informations will be protected by company privacy policy.
4. After registered via Sinwattana crowdfunding platform,the process of issuers or investor will be continued.

What is Cooling Period ?

Cooling period is the last 5 days before the public offering close ,and all the investments cannot be cancelled 48 hour before the deal close.
For example : The public offering for BEC has the due date on 15 August 2020. If the cooling period starts on 10 August, the investor can withdraw the reserve before 13 August 2020 ( 48 Hours before the deal close)

Sinwattana contact information

Tel. (+66) 2-233-3723
For general information :
For issuers :
For investors :
Line : @sinwattanacf
Messenger : Sinwattana
Crowdfunding news update
Facebook : Sinwattna Crowdfunding
Twitter : @SinwattanaThai
Instagram : @Sinwattanacf
During the working hours from Monday to Friday 9.00am – 6.00pm.

How is an IPO different from Equity Crowdfunding ?

Equity Crowdfunding is similar to an initial public offering which is Pre-IPO because Crowdfunding is transparent and can be trusted by the public.
Crowdfunding issuer has to be verified the documents by the auditor and financial analyst to estimate the company’s value.
The period of crowdfunding is 1-3 months for each project and there is an expense for the fundraising. For the retail investors,They can invest up to 100,000 baht per company via online platform which is different from IPO that invest via offline platform.

What is a Funding Portal?

A Funding portal acts as intermediary between the investors and the issuers. A Funding portal can advise and give an information about Crowdfunding. Sinwattana is ready to serve under the SEC’s investment regulations.

Management Process

3 Steps of management process from Sinwattana
1. Curation
2. Validation
3. Valuation
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How is an Equity Crowdfunding different from Debt security Crowdfunding ?

The equity crowdfunding investor get the returns in term of company’s equity. After the company successfully raised funds, the investors receive shares in the company in exchange.
Debt security Crowdfunding is where investors are able to provide needed debt and investors receive a debt instrument that pays interest return.